Wireless Networking Training

Target AudienceThis workshop is suitable for stakeholders with technical background and job responsibilities – Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Information Security Auditors, Network Planners,  Access network engineers and IT Operations (such as systems,  web server, and  network  administrators). Also the workshop is ideal for people who are at the beginning of their career in data communication and researchers in the field of wireless communication technologies.  However, students who good background in networking, and remote access tools can also attend.
General objective of the trainingAims to provide an in-depth technical foundation to the design and implementation wireless networking technologies in an organization. In particular, the workshop will provide participants with the knowledge and resources required to analyze, plan, design, implement and evaluate deployments of wireless technologies in organization communication infrastructure strategy).
Specific Objectives of the formation  The specific objectives include; Introduce participants to fundamental of radio communication and signal processingIntroduce participants to standards, best practices and technologies of building secure  wireless networks Introduce participants to best practices of wireless network design particularly the implementation of long distance Wi-FiTo introduce participants in the annals of wireless security audits and IT security formulationsTo provide insights to participants on the emerging threats in wireless environments