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Introduction To Software Development Management And Quality Assurance.

This course introduces and gives an overview of the fundamentals of software quality along the dimensions of quality control, quality assurance and quality management.

Successful quality practical principles and ideas across various industries are compared to provide a baseline for assessing and understanding quality practices when they are applied to software so that you understand what works and does not work from a general quality perspective.

Target Audience:

University Researchers and Research Institutions.

What You Will Learn

1. Introduction to Quality
2. Quality Control
3. Baselines and Gap Analysis
4. How to identify, document and analyze processes from a quality point of view.
5. Quality Assurance
6. How to initiate, develop, manage and assess quality programs within an organization.
7. Quality Maturity
8. Quality Leadership
9. How quality management activities set the parameters for everything that is done in the quality assurance and control dimensions
10. introduction to testing techniques and principles, setting quantitative quality objectives, understanding metrics, setting performance goals and evaluation performance and quality.
What The Course Involves
– Downloadable Resources
-Access to both mobile & TV
-Certificate of completion




SEPT 2022APR 2023NOV 2023