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Introduction to Digital Data Collection And Management Tools.

Data management tools are exactly what they sound like — digital platforms designed to help you handle the data you collect across your business.

More specifically, data management platforms help you gather, segment, organize, and analyze your data. There are different kinds of data tools, with some focusing on organization and others on analytics. However, all of them can help you make sense of the information you gather.

Target Audience:

University Researchers and Research Institutions.

What You Will Learn

1. Convert paper forms/questionnaires into digital forms that can be used for mobile data collection and case management
2. Collect high quality and secure data both online and offline
3. Integrate and work with different tools
4. Carry out data audits and real time monitoring during field data collection
5. View, manage and export data compatible with statistical tools for further analysis
What The Course Involves
– Downloadable Resources
-Access to both mobile & TV
-Certificate of completion




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