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Data Analysis and Visualization

The courses will use an online learning methodology.

The face-to-face will be offered for an average of 4 hours per course on each specific day of the training. The testing of the participants will be undertaken after the online study has taken place over a period of time. It is estimated that approximately 2 weeks will be enough for the participants to acquire the required skills via online studying but with testing in the last week.

Target Audience:

University Researchers. & Research Institutions.

What You Will Learn

1.  Introduction to business intelligence and data mining 
2.  Knowledge discovery in databases
3.  Spatial data mining
4.  Data presentation architecture and visualization
5.  Process mining and operational intelligence
6.  Methods for User Profiling
7.  Applications in Marketing
8.  E-Marketing with Data Mining
9.  Log file Analysis tools and techniques
10. Association Rules for Marketing Applications
11. Introduction to popular tools for business intelligence and data mining  (Microsoft, Oracle tools)
12. Juridical Conditions of E-Marketing and ethical considerations for data mining 
13. The future Trends in  business intelligence and data mining
14. Actual vs Forecasting Data Mining for decision-making strategies
15.  Futures and Forecasting tools and methods
16. Data Mining on Competition for strategic response
17. Data Mining on Revenues, Usage, Pricing and Performance trends analysis
18. Using research, finance and marketing methods for Data Mining
What The Course Involves
– Downloadable Resources
-Access to both mobile & TV
-Certificate of completion




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