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Business Taxation

The meaning of business taxation refers to the taxes that businesses must pay as a normal part of business operations. Whether you are a sole proprietor, partner, part of a limited liability company, or a corporation, your business is responsible for adhering to tax regulations. Each type of business will produce distinct tax consequences. Consider your business’ tax concerns along with its non-tax concerns, so that you’ll know which type of entity will help your business prosper and grow, or make it easier to pass on to heirs.

Types of Business Taxation?

There are five major kinds of business taxes. They are:

  • Gross-receipts tax.
  • Corporate franchise tax.
  • Employment withholding tax.
  • Excise tax.
  • Value-added tax (VAT).

Target Audience:

The primary audience include All Institutions and SMEs.

What You Will Learn:

1.       Understand the objectives of taxation and factors that determine the country’s taxable capacity.
2.       Understand different forms of taxation and tax administration in Uganda.
3.       Compute the different tax liabilities for individuals and corporate bodies.
4.       Explain the tax system as it applies to individuals and corporate bodies in Uganda.
5.       Prepare and submit tax returns for individuals and corporate bodies.
6.       Show an understanding of tax assessments.
7.       Show an understanding of the e-tax platform.
8.       Handle simple correspondence with tax authorities.
9.       Analyze the local and global business environment.
10.    Explain the challenges facing entrepreneurs and how to overcome them.
11.     Recognize and evaluate business opportunities.
12.    Explain the ethical challenges that are met when carrying out taxation issues.
What The Course Involves
– Downloadable Resources
-Access to both mobile & TV
-Certificate of completion

COURSE FEES: USD 150 (For Individuals) USD 500 (For Organisations)



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