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Auditing Techniques for every Business

This course will enable the learner understand procedures involved in planning and executing audit assignments as well as developing insights into professional values, ethics and attitudes.

Target Audience:

All SMEs, All Institutions

What You Will Learn
1.          Define auditing
2.          Explain the need for and the nature of auditing
3.          Describe the legal, regulatory and ethical environment within which audits are performed in Uganda
4.          Explain the principles and procedures of auditing
5.          Explain how audit work is documented to provide sufficient appropriate audit evidence 6. Explain the design and testing of internal controls
7.          Describe risks of auditing in an information technology environment and the use of computer-assisted audit techniques
8.          Explain the role of internal auditing
9.          Describe the performance of internal audit tasks
10.       Explain ethics in business and society
11.       Demonstrate an understanding of public interests and fundamental ethical principles
12.       Demonstrate an understanding of ethical standards of an accountant
13.       Discuss ethical issues that an accountant needs to be mindful of
14. Explain corporate governance issues
15. Evaluate the relationship between ethics and corporate governance
16. Apply professional ethics, values and attitudes to work assignments
17.  Identifying business opportunities and developing them into viable businesses
18.       Explain the challenges facing entrepreneurs and how to overcome them
What The Course Involves
– Downloadable Resources
-Access to both mobile and TV
-Certificate of Completion




OCT 2022FEB 2023JUNE 2023